Sri Chinmoy

On the Duna embankment, behind Petőfi’s statue, next to other memorials (a Greek, an Armenian and a Ukrainian one) – an inscription written in strange Hungarian and a universal peace message.

A memorial plaque commemorates the commitment for peace of spiritual leader Sri Chimnoy (1931-2007), who was born in today’s Bangladesh and was raised in an ashram from the age of 12. He spent his whole life in the service of humanity, reinforcing the ideal of peace through prayer, meditation, music and art. His teachnigs include that a balanced life style makes it possible for people to live in harmony with themselves and the world. It is his conviction that physical effort, sport, stamina and fitness can help us reshape our lives and achieve inner peace. The Sri Chimnoy Marathon Team was founded in 1977 and has been active organising hundreds of sports events and competitions worldwide serving the ideal of peace.

The memorial plaque (an installation by György Vadász, 2000) is set in a strange but interesting park. The tiny green patch is occupied by several memorials, which together seem to function as an enigmatic memorial grove and school board. Here is a tombstone commemorating the Greeks who died in Budapest (2006), a memorial for the famine in Ukraine (2009) and a slate commemorating the Armenian genocide (2000). Heroes, violence, famine and peace all in one place.

And if you turn around, there is the Gellért Hill with Citadella castle on the top together the Statue of Liberty as a contraversial duet of war and peace.

“Would you like to know
Where peace resides?
In your expectation-free,
– Sri Chinmoy

Question: Can you recall a situation when you put your expectations aside?

Recreation spots: the riverside.

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M3 Ferenciek tere
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